Health Equity

Health equity is the elimination of unjust, avoidable and unnecessary barriers in health and healthcare. These barriers can be based on your background, where you live, the resource you have, or systemic factors like racism and discrimination.

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Our vision

Humana seeks to influence and enable an equitable health care ecosystem, so that every person has a fair, just and dignified opportunity to reach their full health potential. 

Our mission

Establish health equity as a key business & culture driver and embed it into Humana products, services and partnerships in order to mprove health outcomes of communities, associates and members, and enable our providers to deliver optimal care.

Our priorities

Improve access to care

We know that primary care and preventive care screenings can help reduce risk for diseases, disabilities and death. We strive to ensure our members with the greatest needs have access to high quality and efficient primary and preventive care and we also work to minimize issues associated with receiving care such as transportation, literacy, geographic and cost barriers.                                

Improve quality of care

We ensure members of all backgrounds receive the highest quality of care in every encounter through leveraging a value-based care approach. Additionally, we empower clinicians and employees who engage with members to provide culturally competent, bias free, evidence-based care and support to each member with dignity.                                                                         

Address barriers to healthy

Through innovative products, services, benefits, provider relationships, and community partnerships, we support improving social, behavioral, physical and economic circumstances that stand in the way of members and communities achieving their full health potential.  Also  addressing social determinants of health that adversely impact their health. 

Impacting our members and communities at a local & national level

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    Our Members

    Our members are at the center of our efforts to provide care for the whole person. Explore our key focus areas and some of our top resources for members.



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    Our Partners

    We work with organizations at the national and local levels to create the most effective solutions for our members and the communities we serve. Learn more about our partners.