Humana’s journey

By making connections and creating an environment in which members felt comfortable engaging with programs and interventions, Humana saw progress in members’ self-reported Healthy Days. With these new and valuable relationships, we’re evolving even more to meet members’ unique needs, with benefits that are easily accessed and affordable. We’re seeing that focused, community-aligned initiatives drive positive health outcomes, and the collaborative pilots and interventions that are core to our strategy are working.

The importance of screening members, connecting them to community resources and following up to ensure their needs are being met became a focus throughout 2019. This especially became important as we collaborated with our community partners to set up and test referral platforms that connect clinical and non-clinical needs to address whole-person health. The end goal is to see that the referred resources are not only equipped to meet member needs, but that they will also close the loop with clinicians to assure members are helped and that their social needs are being met, resulting in a positive health journey.

Working across our enterprise, we have made a concerted effort to connect screening data and ensure alignment on screening criteria. By capturing member screening information and comparing it to our data on known conditions and clinical interactions, we’re improving our predictive models to support at-risk members at an individual level. Through these feedback loops, we can measure what’s working and use those learnings in our programs across multiple geographies and member populations.

Humana is a company with a focus on population health and we are always thinking about how we can influence the future healthcare system. To that end, in 2019 we embedded academic partnerships into our strategy, the first of which is at the University of Houston where future clinicians of different disciplines will be trained to collaborate and coordinate patient care for better health outcomes.

At Humana, we strive to address whole-person health and are addressing the most crucial needs of our members, which means truly caring about them, understanding what is important to them and finding ways to make it easy for them to live their best life. That’s human care.