A note from our CEO 2020



Bruce Broussard

President and Chief Executive Officer

Adapting as we learn

Current events have created a great urgency for reflection on both our progress and the future of our Bold Goal.  Over the past five years, our Bold Goal has been a critical part of our growth and development as a company and a true learning experience as we pivot and adapt to the challenges in our country. We were already trying to fix a fragmented health care system, where challenges run deep in our very own communities. Every day, we gain a deeper understanding about what social health really means to our members and are reminded of the constant fragility and difficulty in achieving our goal.

The recent public health crisis of COVID-19, and the escalation of systemic racial and civil divisions shows more than ever the need for personalized care for each of our members. These circumstances have revealed a number of disparities that exist in populations across communities we serve, and reinforced to us the importance of our integrated care delivery strategy, which at its core is about helping people achieve their “whole” health and meeting them where they are in their own personal health journeys.

When we see people struggling with food insecurity, or loneliness or social isolation, we don’t just see a member. We see our family, our friends, and even ourselves in those struggles. So naturally, when we see the positive results of our efforts—people experiencing a more connected life, more joy and confidence, and more Healthy Days—we can not only see, but feel what improved health outcomes actually does for people. This is why both Humana and our associates find ourselves so deeply connected to, and inspired by, our Bold Goal. Simply put, it’s treating people the way we would like to be treated: with dignity, with care, and with humanity. We call this human care.

I am proud to share the progress we have made, including helping to make possible 816,000 more Healthy Days for our Medicare Advantage members, but I know that we still have a long way to go. We will do more, and each day we will keep trying to be better. We value our members’ trust in us and the trust we are continuing to build with our physician, clinician and community partners. This fuels our drive to address whole-person health and the most crucial needs of our members, which means truly caring about them, understanding what is important to them and finding ways to make it easy for them to live their best life.