2021 Bold Goal Progress Report

Humana’s Bold Goal aims to build a sustainable system by working with our partners to help connect those in need to resources within communities. Through co-creating measurable solutions to address social determinants of health and health-related social needs, we can continue our mission of delivering more healthy days for our members and communities.

Building trust through sustained actions 

Humana’s annual Bold Goal Progress Report allows us to reflect on our progress made each year through our continued member and community focus. Years of building relationships and growing momentum within our businesses have given us the ability to support members’ unique needs, when they need it most.

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Establishing measurable solutions

Every day, our focus is on supporting not just physical health, but emotional and social health as well. Find out about the human side of healthcare.

Our members are our priority

Creating meaningful conversations

Humana works alongside industry, academia, regulators and innovators to make affordable, quality healthcare available to everyone. Find out how we’re sharing our knowledge.

Exhibiting our expertise

Adapting for the future

As the pilots and partnerships fostered by Humana’s Bold Goal weave further into the fabric of our business, the people we serve will benefit from new products, services and ways of thinking about whole-person healthcare.

Looking ahead

Closing thoughts from our leaders

Building sustainable solutions to care for our members’ unique needs 

Social determinants of health can encompass environmental, financial and societal concerns. Humana is in a unique position to support key social needs like food, social support and transportation through health plan benefits and services that address the specific and acute needs of individual members.