2020 Results

This past year demonstrated the tools and relationships built over the Bold Goal’s five years of work could be leveraged on a larger scale.

When the COVID-19 crisis created more immediate needs than ever within our communities, we and our partners wasted no time in getting together to problem solve and get needed clinical and social support to members. The latest Bold Goal survey shows these efforts were a worthwhile investment in our members’ health.


"The Bold Goal continues to guide Humana’s strategy to address social needs – and to improve the health of the people and communities we serve by making it easier for everyone to achieve their best health."
William Shrank, MD
Chief Medical and Corporate Affairs Officer, Humana

Medicare Advantage Members Maintained Their Overall Health in 2020

Both Humana overall Medicare Advantage membership and members in Bold Goal communities saw decreases in physically unhealthy days from baseline year 2015, with MA members in Bold Goal communities experiencing fewer unhealthy days overall. Mentally unhealthy days increases are driven in part by pandemic-related year-over-year effects.

Improved Healthy Days for Vulnerable Individuals

Notably, some of those most impacted by the
pandemic experienced an overall decline in
unhealthy days partly due to efforts connecting
them to needed resources.

Market by Market Results

Performance of our seven original Bold Goal communities (2015–2020) – Humana Medicare Advantage members

Our original Bold Goal communities have measured progress since our 2015 baseline.

2015 Unhealthy Days
2020 Unhealthy Days
Unhealthy Days

Expanded Screening for Social Needs

In the last two years, we’ve greatly expanded screening of our
members for a comprehensive set of social needs that impact health
and quality of life. In 2020, we set an enterprise wide goal to conduct 3 million screenings.

Our advances in screening work continued in 2020. In the end, we
more than doubled our goal for social need screenings. Overall, we tracked 6,157,340 screening events.

Identified and Met Social Needs

Humana is capturing and measuring data in a new way that allows us to close the loop on social need referrals and continue to follow up as needed – to see that the resource offered helped the member. For example, from December 2020, to March 2021, we measured the gap closure rate of the six social need domains below for a subset of Medicare Advantage members. While some pandemic-driven needs such as access to food and transportation were more immediately resolved, many needs are preexisting and will require more time and
resources to address.