Adapting for the future

When it comes to public health, there is no finish line. As we look to the future, we can take pride in what we have achieved, but also dedicate ourselves to building partnerships and continuing actions that drive our Bold Goal of measurably improving lives and the health of our members and communities.

Our partnership work, both within communities and across our company, helped to enable broader collaboration that laid the groundwork for future initiatives. 

As we head towards the future, Humana is committed to addressing health disparities and care gaps, to break down barriers and drive lasting change. 

“We are at a pivotal moment in our country’s history, and it will come down to the actions and commitments we make today that will position us for a better tomorrow.”
Bruce Broussard
President and CEO of Humana

Enabling recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

Knowing that 2020 brought its challenges in perceptions and belief in mainstream science, healthcare leaders throughout the nation set to work early in the release of COVID-19 vaccinations to encourage the public to get vaccinated. Humana joined the Ad Council in launching and supporting the creative and thoughtful process to inform its public campaign.

Enabling intelligent outreach

Influencing care through intelligent data

As an industry, healthcare continues to grapple with finding efficient ways to share data. At Humana, we are well on our way to solving for this discord. Starting with a member-centric vision, our clinicians, product, and member-facing associates considered what an optimal user experience would be and are creating an enterprise-wide connected healthcare experience – one where everyone with a member touchpoint will see and can contribute to a longitudinal record.  

Leveraging member data in real-time

Humana Care Support, a digital pilot program, engages a whole-person wellness team to support vulnerable members with personalized care encompassing clinical and social needs.

Supporting providers with needed data

A joint effort between Humana and Epic, a leading electronic health record company, will improve patient, provider and plan collaboration with real-time insights, helping to reduce administrative burden by securely exchanging information between providers and Humana.