Member gets needed care after well-being outreach

Humana At Home provides comprehensive, in-home care coordination for Medicare Advantage members with multiple chronic conditions

As part of this program, a trained registered nurse, social worker or behavioral health specialist will reach out to members post-hospital discharge to assist with transition back into the home.

Just such a call likely saved the life of a Humana member. 



In April 2020, a Humana At Home care manager called one Texas member to assess his needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the conversation, the member, who lived alone, said he was not feeling well and gave conflicting and concerning information about his health to the care manager.

He was in bed with a fever and could not remember his last meal. He went on to explain that he was tested for COVID-19, but did not know how long ago that had been or what the result of the test was. He also complained of a blister on his foot that was causing him discomfort.

The care manager gained permission from him to contact a local emergency medical services team to help him. With additional team support, the care manager had EMS called. The care manager stayed on the phone to assure paramedics arrived, but because of the member’s weak state, he was unable to answer the door for them. 

Through conversations with the member and the paramedics, the care manager guided the EMS team to the member in his home and he was transported to the hospital for needed care.  

During the long stretch of time waiting for EMS and attempting to keep the member safe, the care manager said the member talked about family and shared that he felt no one cared about him. The care manager provided empathy and explained that she cared.  

“He touched my heart in trusting me to help him. He went from paranoid, to then staying on phone with me for over an hour to get him help,” the care manager said afterward. “I checked up on the member and found out he had 103 fever and was admitted to hospital for a bone infection in his foot and sepsis. He had surgery for his foot, and then went into a skilled nursing facility to help with recovery. His foot was saved and he is alive! I am happy he answered my call that day and allowed me to help.”