In Louisiana is we serve members statewide with Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid plans. 

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Growing Medicaid in Louisiana

Humana has a dedicated Medicaid team committed to the people of Louisiana. With more than $16 million in community investments since 2019, Humana is focused on creating solutions that address disparities for more equitable care and health outcomes. As a top priority to provide access to behavioral health services in rural Louisiana, Humana continues to lead conversations with partner organizations, like NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness), to address the stigma associated with needing and seeking services. Other strategies for targeted interventions that improve health quality and outcomes in Louisiana include identifying and addressing key social determinants of health (SDOH).

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Through a collaboration with the City of New Orleans, Humana is taking a population health approach to address community gun violence and other economic challenges that include the lack of access to healthy food, shortage of affordable housing, inadequate education and limited workforce opportunities. Responding to the needs of the community reveals that Humana is more than a health plan but a partner in human care for the state of Louisiana.