Community Partnerships

It starts with a strong foundation. Humana is committed to creating a more equitable health system where social needs do not determine your health outcomes. Our work includes reducing disparities in specific regions at a community level and across our national footprint.

Senior couple walking on a path together in the countryside

Our work includes reducing disparities in specific regions at a community level and across our national footprint. Together we are creating evidence-based, scalable and financially sustainable solutions with community partners and physicians practices, including local businesses, nonprofits, educators and government organizations. Our health equity and social impact efforts extend into 20 specific regions as well as across Humana's national footprint.

Where We Serve

At Humana, we understand health is local. We are engaged at a state and community level to address the health-related social needs of our members and communities. Our dedicated strategies are enabled by partnerships with state and local government, community-based organizations and national partners committed to removing barriers to helping people achieve their best health. Together, we are creating evidence based, scalable and financially sustainable solutions. Our goal is to address barriers to health and reduce health disparities at national and community level.

Veteran walking

Veterans and Humana Community Partnership

At Humana, we're on a mission to remove barriers to good health, one Veteran at a time, by uniting with communities, Veterans Service Organizations, Veterans Service Officers, providers and clinicians, to combat hunger, homelessness, financial strain, transportation barriers, and loneliness – all risk factors to Veteran suicide.

Honoring and serving Veterans is at the core of what we do. Humana is committed to ensuring Veterans and their families no matter their age, race or gender, have access to the care they need and deserve, especially those who stem from underserved and diverse communities.