Celebrating Momentum with the Humana Integrated Health System Sciences Institute


The Humana Integrated Health System Sciences Institute at the University of Houston is gaining momentum in its work to advance population health, improve health outcomes and expand the use of value-based payment models.

Since December 2018, the Institute, at the UH College of Medicine, has launched more than 15 cross-functional programs and facilitated more than 10,000 hours of interdisciplinary clinical training for over 6,000 University of Houston students, faculty and staff and Humana associates.  The Institute has also provided critical support during the COVID-19 pandemic that will contribute meaningful outcomes to students and community members.

These milestones and successes come at a time when public/private partnerships are proving to bridge gaps in the healthcare system, expectations of clinicians and physicians are rapidly increasing and while demands are climbing for practitioners to provide more efficient, effective and lower-cost care.

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“In a relatively brief amount of time, our strategic relationship with the University of Houston and investment in the local area is already proving its value, and the benefits are promising,” said Tray Cockerell, director of Strategic Relationships at Humana. “As we continue to strengthen and expand our strategic relationships, we look forward to helping improve community health outcomes through ongoing cross-functional training that best equips 21st century physicians and clinicians to understand the pillars of population health management, the importance of social determinants of health and the value of integrated, patient-centered care.”

“The  Humana Institute is a key resource in redefining the way physicians, nurses, optometrists,  pharmacists, social workers and other health professionals learn and train in their disciplines and put the patient at the center of care.  The healthcare industry is quickly changing, and academic institutions have a key role in preparing medical professionals to have the most innovative and current training for their field. When we align our collaboration and training to support the realities facing practitioners today, we will see better health outcomes in our communities.”
Dr. LeChauncy Woodard
Director of the Humana Integrated Health System Sciences Institute

Assembling an exceptional leadership team

University of Houston students, faculty and staff provide the Humana Institute’s momentum.

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Advancing the nursing profession

A notable area of progress is within the College of Nursing, led by Humana-Endowed Chair Kathryn Tart.


Driving toward integrated care teams

Unprecedented research and interprofessional education programs drive students and talent toward integrated care teams.

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Ongoing momentum to improve population health in the Houston community and beyond

As the Institute continues its focus on developing and training 21st century physicians and clinicians, programs are designed to better enable practitioners to help patients achieve better health outcomes outside the doctor’s office through community engagement.

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