Quantified Ventures Partnership

Humana and Quantified Ventures are committed to working with community-based organizations to deliver innovative financing solutions that address critical population health challenges for underserved populations.

In partnership with Quantified Ventures, Humana has launched a first-of-its-kind $5 million outcomes-based fund to help Volunteers of America (VOA) sustainably scale its comprehensive program model for mothers with substance use disorder and their children.

Innovative Payment Models = Improved Health for the Communities We Serve

Humana is partnering with Quantified Ventures to deploy an approach that empowers community-based organizations (CBOs) to engage in value-based payment models and confront community health challenges at scale. This model provides cost efficiency while actively demonstrating our focus on human care – caring for our members’ most important and unique needs.

“This is the time for smart, bold solutions that strengthen our social safety net. With strong partners like Volunteers of America and Quantified Ventures, we’re able to extend our impact into the communities we serve, better enabling us to address the holistic needs of our members and their families.”
Dr. William Shrank
Chief Medical & Corporate Affairs Officer, Humana

How does this work?

The Family Focused Recovery (FFR) outcomes fund will better and more equitably capitalize CBOs like VOA by unlocking impact investments to cover upfront and non-reimbursable operating costs associated with program delivery. The program can then earn revenue from Medicaid health plans like Humana based on the achievement of outcomes. This involves a layered approach that uses impact capital, outcomes-based financing, direct investments from Humana, and encourages financial participation from other health plans, which provide flexibility and sustainability for both provider and payer.

Quantified Ventures partnership

Quantified Ventures partnered with Humana on several strategic programs using the outcomes-based financing model—including medical respite (individuals experiencing homelessness), eviction diversion (individuals at risk for homelessness), family-focused recovery (pregnant women with SUD), and reentry housing (formerly incarcerated individuals).

Health Plan Collaboration

Our financing structures provide a mechanism for multiple Medicaid health plans to support CBO capacity growth and foster shared responsibility for community capacity building. We seek to change the way community-based organizations capitalize and sustain social determinants of health program operations to provide more members access to programs that deliver value. We welcome like-minded health plans plan to join Humana and other investors / lenders (e.g., CDFIs, impact investors) to unlock more capital and accelerate funding for promising SDoH solutions.