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Humana’s Bold Goal and the Louisville community

Humana’s Bold Goal
Humana’s Bold Goal is a population health strategy focused on both community and business integration to improve the clinical and social health outcomes of our members. Throughout our business, we address social determinants of health by working with Humana care teams, nonprofit organizations, business and government leaders as well as healthcare professionals to identify, screen and refer members to community resources and long-term support. By using data, technology and evidence-based solutions, we’re able to connect, learn and make health improvements easier and more attainable.

Community Partnerships
Humana is committed to improving population health at a community level. Throughout our Bold Goal communities, we are creating evidence-based, scalable and financially sustainable solutions with physician practices and local partners, including businesses, nonprofits, educators and government organizations. We currently have 12 designated Bold Goal communities and we continue to expand and scale to other markets and populations.

Supporting Louisville
Humana is helping to address social determinants of health in the Louisville community.

Because 1 in 7 Kentuckians struggles with hunger, we are addressing food insecurity by working with Feeding America and local food banks like Dare to Care. Humana teamed up with Louisville in its suicide-prevention efforts and helped train over 2,200 people in one week in the Question, Persuade and Refer technique. Humana is partnering with Metro United Way in Louisville’s “United Community” initiative, linking nonprofits to ease access to social health resources. The Humana Foundation, supporting its Louisville home, awarded more than $2 million in 2019 to local nonprofits that promote health and well-being. Humana also offers a neighborhood center on Hikes Lane in Louisville which is open to everyone, with social activities, fitness classes and educational health programs.