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Humana partners with Safe Kids Georgia on safe sleep education and supplies

Sleep-related infant fatalities remain the leading cause of preventable infant deaths in the United States and, specifically, Georgia. Safe Kids Georgia’s Safe Sleep Initiative supports Safe Kids Coalitions in providing expert-led training and equipment to educate parents and caregivers on critical knowledge and resources around safe sleep.

In 2021, Humana partnered with Safe Kids Georgia to review community data and coalition capacity for outreach, identifying Safe Kids DeKalb County and Safe Kids Greater Augusta as grant recipients. From this partnership, both participating coalitions received educational materials (virtual toolkit and webinar), equipment supporting safe sleep (portable play yard/pack and play with sleep sack bundle) and a video tutorial proving step-by-step instructions for equipment set up. Launched in conjunction with National Safe Sleep Awareness Month in October, this partnership provided 36 families with educational resources and safe sleep equipment. Information collected during this effort will be used to develop ongoing and future offerings to reduce sleep-related injury and fatality, with a special focus on high-risk populations.