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Statewide listening tour promotes equitable mental health across Louisiana

Aligning with Humana’s strategic priority to ensure equity for all, The Urban League of Louisiana has empowered and strengthened communities through diverse and dynamic programming for over 82 years. In 2019, The Urban League of Louisiana began conducting an annual statewide tour to ensure community members from across the state have their voices heard as they influence the direction of statewide policies and work to create an environment where African Americans thrive. The statewide Listening & Learning Tours has engaged over 250 community members from Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and New Orleans. This series included interviews and focus groups with mental health providers to explore and assess the needs of different parts of the state related to mental health. As an exclusive partnership with Humana, research centered on health and racial equity will positively impact the African American community in Louisiana. To learn more about the statewide listening tour and health equity initiatives from the Urban League of Louisiana, visit Policy and Social Justice | Urban League of Louisiana.