1. Best Practices – Delivering pregnancy health information to Black women

    Humana-funded study shows social media is effective in delivering pregnancy health information to Black women

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  2. Bolstering digital medicine in our rural communities of Kentucky.

    Humana Healthy Horizons invests $207,000 to Lyon County, KY to expand digital medicine and advance health equity.

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  3. Family-Focused Recovery Program with Volunteers of America

    With an investment of $5MM, Humana has seeded the Family Focused Recover (FFR) outcomes fund managed by Quantified Ventures. This will help VOA sustainably scale its FFR program to provide comprehensive services to mothers with substance use disorder and their children.

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  4. Learn about Medicaid

    Learn about Medicaid. Wondering what Medicaid is, exactly? Learn the basics of Medicaid and what kinds of things Medicaid covers.

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