The Center for Health Outcomes Financing

Connecting payments to both patient outcomes and experiences is at the core of health outcomes financing. Value-based care models offer the opportunity to prompt better health results for lower costs.

Innovative payment models = improved health for the communities we serve

Humana is working to better and more equitably capitalize community-based organizations (CBOs) by unlocking impact investments. This can mean covering upfront program operating costs to make a difference in vulnerable communities. The programs can then earn revenue from Medicaid health plans like Humana based on the achievement of outcomes.

Volunteers of America

Learn how we are working with VOA to help pregnant women with substance abuse on their path to recovery and ensure long-term success for mom and baby.

Quantified Ventures Partnership

Quantified Ventures is partnering with Humana on strategic programs that empower community-based organizations (CBOs) to engage in value-based payment models and confront community health challenges at scale.

New Orleans

Through a collaboration with the City of New Orleans, Humana is
taking a population health approach to address community gun violence and other economic challenges in New Orleans.

Solutions are being co-created to address social determinants of health and the health-related social needs for Humana members, partners, and communities – providing population health at a community level.
Dr. Nwando Olayiwola
Chief Health Equity Officer at Humana