Virginia is home to our partner community of Richmond, and we serve nearly a million members statewide, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare PDP, Medicare Supplement and TRICARE members.

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Embedding social determinants into care plans

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Growing Medicaid in Virginia

Humana is committed to addressing the needs of the whole person and impacting local communities in Virginia with nearly one million members, including 100% of our Humana Virginia Medicare Advantage members in a 4 STAR plan or higher. With the understanding that no two Virginian communities are the same, we focus on creating sustainable, community-based solutions that address challenges our most vulnerable Virginians experience in their well-being journey. Destigmatizing behavioral health care, resolving disparities in maternal and infant outcomes, and ensuring access to quality care in rural communities are all areas we are prioritizing our efforts.

Starting in the Community

Humana has partnered with Feed More, providing annual funding, and the Federation of Virginia Food Banks, to build collaborative programs targeted toward ending food insecurity among Virginia’s population. With community partners and healthcare practices, we are creating scalable and financially sustainable solutions to improve population health.